I think it is time to press the pause button.  It does not mean stop….. but I will come back to it later.

I mentioned the other day to someone that I am “new to blogging” and then I discovered that there are many friends and people who do not know what I am talking about. 

So let’s start at the beginning, with a definition:  A blog is a website where someone (like me) regularly records their thoughts or experiences or talks about a subject.  Another definition: it is a journal or diary written for public viewing on a website and consisting typically of personal reflection, commentary on current events, etc. arranged chronologically.

The second question then came: are you making money or trying to make money or sell something by blogging, after all, money is the medium by which blog success is measured?  My answer:  the abovementioned two definitions do not add a money-making goal and for the time being I am blogging (i.e. sharing my thoughts and/or experiences) and hopefully it will be of value to the readers. One thing I can state, it is very challenging but also a pleasure to share my journey. I am still learning how to create opportunities for more people to subscribe to my blog and/or interact.   

The third question came as a surprise at first and then I realised that it is a very good idea.  I was asked to “pause, but not to stop.”  Two reasons were given: firstly, to read the blogs and secondly to digest the content.  I was reminded that I am dealing with very relevant subject matters, namely New year’s resolutions and personal development.  Furthermore, it is about establishing new routines and thinking patterns and I was reminded that it takes dedication and time, and repetition to bring about any change.

It then struck me: maybe there are times in our lives where we all need to pause:

Sometimes you will come across events beyond your control that change the course of your life. Things happen, and life suddenly spirals out of control. So knowing that you can take a pause and continue later helps you reaffirm your faith and confidence in yourself. You can focus on other things that come up in priority.

Sometimes, you need to realize that everything you have done before matters.  The things you have learned, the people you met, the experiences you’ve had. All of them count towards making you who you are. And stopping after failure is equivalent to throwing it all away. So don’t give up. Count your cards.. sum up your losses and move on!

Sometimes, taking a pause is a great strategy. It gives you time to reassess your coordinates and plan alternate strategies for an attack. And as a certain Carl Bard said: “Although no one can go back and make a brand new start, anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending.”

Sometimes we must realise that time changes us – not in a weird mysterious way, but in a very gradual matter-of-fact way.  And taking a pause will let you assimilate the changes in yourself and help you understand who you really are.  What do you really want?

Pause is ceasing from busyness and activity to find stillness.  To take stock of affairs and listen for the direction.  It is recharging our batteries and setting new goals.

So why pause?  Because that’s how you can start again.