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Spiritual Training: Are you spiritually hungry and looking for answers?

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Do you experience an empty feeling, a sense of longing, even loneliness in the midst of people or even in the church?

Are you looking for happiness and fulfillment in human relationships, quest for power or money, or escape to physical pleasure and not finding it?

This presentation deals with spiritual wellness and how to fill the void.

Spiritual wellness involves possessing a set of guiding beliefs, principles, or values that help give direction to one’s life.  This realm of wellness lets us find meaning in life events and define our individual purpose.

Spirituality can be represented in many ways, for example, through religion, prayer, meditations, or relaxation as well as a careful assessment of your morals, values, and beliefs.  But being spiritually well means knowing which resources to use to cope with issues that come up in everyday life.

The route to spiritual wellness is something you must learn to master on your own.  One of the ways to improve your spiritual wellness is to explore different faiths and religions.  If you were raised with a certain religion, it is fine to challenge those beliefs throughout life. On the other hand, if religion and faith is a foreign concept to you, take the time to learn about what faith aligns best with your core beliefs.